Adinda van Gaalen

Traveler Testimonial | EAIE 2022: Barcelona

Patrick Bisang

Traveler Testimonial | EAIE 2022: Barcelona

Paola Dimarzo

Traveler Testimonial | EAIE 2022: Barcelona

Guus Goorts

Traveler Testimonial | Founder @ Guus Goorts, Online Marketing

Margherita Pasquini

Traveler Testimonial | Study Abroad Coordinator @ Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Daniel Ponce-Taylor

Traveler Testimonial | Sustainability & Strategic Partnerships Director @ Intercultural Outreach Initiative

Stephen Robinson

Traveler Testimonial | Director of Dublin, Ireland Campus @ Champlain College

Scott Blair

Traveler Testimonial | Consultant for International Education

Dr. Robin Shields

Professor of Education, Bristol University: "CANIE has approached the daunting challenges of the climate emergency with an emphasis on action and good humor. Its efforts will shape how the field of international education looks in years to come"

Brett Berquist

Director of International, University of Auckland: "CANIE represent all that is good about our field. A group of people who are volunteering their time out of their conviction that they can change the world, one conversation at a time."