Goal: Save 20 tonnes of CO2

How can we achieve this together?

Ready to be a part of the #TravelwithCANIE movement?

5 Steps to Commit to Sustainable Travel:

  1. Register for the EAIE Conference and Exhibition in Rotterdam this September.
  2. Choose a low-carbon travel option: join our #TravelwithCANIE community. By filling out this short form, you let us know you are committing to a low-carbon way of traveling to #EAIE2023 in Rotterdam. We will calculate the overall CO2 savings made by this community.
  3. Find and connect with your travel companions! Join a convoy to #Rotterdam2023. Find out who’s traveling on the same route; get to know new colleagues before you leave; and use your travel time to network and make friends. Check out the Go2RAIL initiative and start making meaningful connections.
  4. Let people know that you are a non-flying green traveler! Shout it out loud and clear on social medium share pics and videos, and use the hashtags #TravelwithCANIE #EAIEGreenGoals #lowcarbon.
  5. Collect your “I Travelled Green” sticker at the conference (stop by at the EAIE stand) and use every opportunity you have to share your journey and why you chose to travel as part of the #TravelwithCANIE initiative.

Plan Your Trip

Make the most out of your conference by starting your networking experience…while traveling! Join Go2Rail convoys, connect with potential travel companions to Rotterdam!

Need useful websites to book the tickets?

These websites may help you book your train trip to Rotterdam:

  • www.nsinternational.nl: The international website of the Dutch national railway company
  • Deutsche Bahn: The international website of the German national railway company
  • The Man in seat 61: A website with advice for train travelers in the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world, including itineraries and links to booking sites
  • Trainline.com: A UK-based site used to find international rail tickets
  • SNCF: The international website of the French national railway company

*CANIE is not affiliated with any of these companies or platforms, they are suggestions that have been checked and tested by CANIE members and other international educators. Please feel free to suggest others that you think would be useful for other #TravelwithCANIE community members


Now that you have committed to being part of the #TravelwithCANIE initiative, are you curious to know how much CO2 have you helped save by making a sustainable travel choice? 

Follow the instructions on this CO2 calculator to find out!

Travel and Climate's Emissions Calculator

Interested in learning more about Carbon emission calculators and which ones we should be using in International Education? Read this great article from Professor Stephen Robinson to learn more.

View traveler testimonials from 2022

Perks of Participation

Following the conference, we will provide participants of the #TravelWithCANIE initiative with a certificate outlining their contribution in reducing emissions to the total emissions reduction achieved as part of the conference. Share and encourage your colleagues to #TravelWithCANIE for their next event!

Every person who commits to reducing the CO2 emitted helps us get closer to the target. Help us reduce the emissions, one tonne at a time!

Impact Chart: Traveling to Rotterdam by Train

Citykg CO2/person by Rail - 1 way

kg CO2/person by Plane - 1 way

Hours by RailHours by PlaneHours by Plane + to/from airport travel
Barcelona6323712h 002h 005h 00


261297h 45

1h 15

4h 15
Belgrade4318925h 002h 355h 35
Berlin351717h 001h 304h 30
Bordeaux122145h 151h 504h 50
Bucharest11051436h 00

3h 00

6h 00
Budapest5123115h 00

2h 10

5h 10
Copenhagen3922814h 001h 204h 20


12h 30 1h 404h 40
Edinburgh5018410h 201h 254h 25


181354h 401h 154h 15


1786h 351h 304h 30
Glasgow29979h 20 1h 354h 35
Gothenburg4320917h 30

1h 35

1h 35
Hamburg221235h 401h 05

4h 05

Helsinki10520834h 002h 405h 40


8h 201h 204h 20
London91155h 101h 004h 00
Luxembourg91195h 001h 10

4h 10

Milan2821010h 401h 404h 40
Munich301869h 051h 354h 35
Nantes102026h 001h 354h 35
Oslo4424222h 201h 504h 50




2h 401h 154h 15
Prague4819611h 45

1h 40

4h 40
Rome5426914h 452h 205h 20
Stockholm4934719h 002h 005h 00
Vienna3527511h 00 1h 554h 55
Warsaw8123512h 002h 155h 15
*Please consider the values generated by Travel and Climate's carbon calculator as estimates of the carbon emitted by various forms of travel. For the purposes of estimating carbon savings by switching your mode of travel to conferences, this calculator is considered sufficient. There are specific carbon calculators for each mode of travel that may be more detailed and robust, but for our current purposes, this calculator provides the convenience of all modes of transport in one place.*
Photo of Rotterdam by Daniel Agudelo on Unsplash.