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CANIE is proudly grassroots, volunteer led and run. We are not for profit, but face ongoing costs to continue our valuable and necessary work. Beyond our recurrent costs, current projects in need of funding support include CANIE Climate Action Week, the CANIE Accord Accelerator Project and our engagement with global international education conferences.

What can your contributions help support?

As a member of CANIE your involvement and contribution are essential to the success of CANIE and we are immensely grateful for your dedication to our cause. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in shaping a sustainable future for our sector. We understand that financial circumstances vary, and participation in CANIE should never be contingent upon financial means. Therefore, we want to emphasize that membership remains accessible to all, regardless of whether or not members choose to make a voluntary payment. Please consider the options available via the link below, a range of amounts and frequency of contributions are available.
Climate Action Week
CANIE's signature summit where we bring together our network and beyond to educate, advocate and network to drive change in our sector.
CANIE Accord Accelerator
The CANIE Accord is gaining traction in our sector with over 75 signatories globally. Next steps include growing signatory numbers, assisting signatories in their work and amplifying the impact of the Accord over the longer term.

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Your support whether this is a one off contribution, a regular monthly contribution or the contribution of your time and expertise to a CANIE chapter or working group are vital to our ongoing work.
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