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International Education Sustainability Group (IESG)

The International Education Sustainability Group delivers the tools you need to understand and mitigate your climate impact. We provide analysis, insights and data to assist you with making informed decisions around your sustainability strategies. We are passionate about international education and climate action. We want to see an international education sector that thrives, that is inclusive and that considers and mitigates its climate impact.

CANIE Co-Founder Ailsa Lamont awarded Distinguished Contribution to International Education in Australia at AIEC 2023

Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) 2023

We are thrilled to share that our Co-Founder Ailsa Lamont has been awarded the AIEC 2023 Distinguished Contribution award which recognises the outstanding contribution of a professional colleague who has led ground-breaking initiatives to improved international education in Australia. We at CANIE are all very proud!

The 36th annual Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) was hosted in Adelaide and online 10 to 13 October 2023.

This year’s theme ‘international education: visionary and transformative’ focuses on the role that innovation plays in transforming the experiences of our students and the communities in which they live, work and study.

CANIE receives the EAIE President's Award for 2022

Winning this award from EAIE means the world to all of us at CANIE. It reminds us that all the hard work put in by volunteers around the world is recognised and is starting to have some impact. More than this, it gives us hope that collectively, as a sector, we can rise to the challenge of climate change and find new ways to make the vital work of internationalisation more sustainable and climate-positive.

The CANIE Accord

Take climate action! Become a signatory of the CANIE Accord.

Following the CANIE COP26 Leaders Forum, back in November 2021, our sector has come together at the highest level to organize around the truth that we are facing a climate crisis that International Education has a role to play in leading on action, and a set of principles to guide those actions as we work towards net-zero.

How can your organization take climate action today? Learn about the commitments your organization can make to become a signatory of the CANIE Accord, and read the CANIE Glasgow Paper, which provides important research and context to the CANIE Accord framework.

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