Global Volunteer Opportunities

CANIE is powered by volunteer members from all over the world whose passion to be a change agent in the international education sector have made CANIE what it is today. Volunteer opportunities are available within regional chapters and global working groups alike.

As a CANIE Volunteer, you join our Slack Workspace and can connect with international education practitioners from across the globe as we work towards reducing the carbon footprint of international education while increasing its handprint. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities:

    • Africa Chapter - President
    • Africa Chapter - Vice-President
    • Africa Chapter - Secretary
    • Asia Chapter - President
    • Asia Chapter - Vice President
    • Asia Chapter - Secretary
    • Open to other Chapter Leadership
    • Marketing and Communication Working Group
    • Podcast Production Team
    • Content/Resource Library Working Group
    • Fundraising Working Group
    • Climate Justice Working Group

If you are interested in becoming an active CANIE member volunteer, please contact us and indicate your interest!