Why Travel With CANIE?

Global attendance at international education conferences and events, of which there are thousands every year, comes with the unavoidable cost of high CO2 emissions associated with modern air travel. Indeed, air travel is the most carbon-intensive mode of passenger travel.

In response, concerned educators have rightly identified the need for increased carbon awareness, carbon measuring, carbon literacy, and carbon mitigation when traveling to educational venues. More and more, international professionals are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The most obvious solution is to avoid airplanes and to travel by alternative, more sustainable options, as much as possible.

Some #TravelWithCANIE events where CANIE will be sharing an emissions-reduction target and you can participate are:

    If you'd like to suggest an additional conference for reducing emissions, please contact us!

    How Can You Participate?

    If you're attending an upcoming #TravelWithCANIE event and are committing to changing your method of travel from flying to a lower-carbon alternative? If yes, you can join the movement in three simple steps!
    1. Calculate your would-be airline travel emissions
    2. Calculate your new, carbon-conscious emissions (by ground transport)
    3. Subtract your new emissions from your would-be emissions and voila, your emissions savings total!

    Get started!

    Benefits of Traveling by Train/Bus/Ferry... Not by Plane!

    According to independent research commissioned by Eurostar, “choosing the train over flying cuts CO2 emissions per passenger by 90%”.

    Here’s a few more reasons why traveling by train is much more comfortable than by plane:

    • No airport security! You can spend time relaxing, reading, or working, rather than standing in a queue. You don’t need to worry about liquids in your hand luggage.
    • No need for airport transfers - You can travel straight to the centre of a city!
    • Enjoy a much more diverse scenery of landscapes passing by during the trip.
    • Stay connected - no need for flight mode and you can usually take advantage of the train’s wifi.
    • Often more leg room and table space. Plus you can move around the train during the trip as much as you want.
    • You have more flexibility and can visit other places that you pass through on route to your end destination.

    Traveler Testimonials

    A Few More Details...

    Calculating your emissions:

    In order to be able to calculate the impact of the collective change, we will ask you for three calculations:

    For the purposes of consistency, the #TravelWithCANIE project uses the emissions calculator at carbonfootprint.com which has separate tabs for which to calculate air travel, bus and rail travel, and other travel options.

    *Please consider the values generated by this carbon calculator as estimates of the carbon emitted by various forms of travel. For the purposes of estimating carbon savings by switching your mode of travel to conferences, this calculator is considered sufficient. There are specific carbon calculators for each mode of travel that may be more detailed and robust, but for our current purposes, this calculator provides the convenience of all modes of transport in one place.*

    Equating Emissions:

    Curious to see what that saving equates to? Try this Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator that will help you convert emissions or energy data into concrete terms you can understand — such as the annual CO2 emissions of cars, households, and power plants - just for fun!

    Ensuring Impact:

    For the purposes of #TravelWithCANIE, we are including emissions that would have been air travel were it not for a choice, or institutional policy, to require a more climate-conscious mode of transportation. If the conference is taking place in your city, we encourage you to share this initiative with colleagues who are/would be planning to fly!

    Perks of Participation:

    Following the conference, we will provide participants of the #TravelWithCANIE initiative with a certificate outlining their contribution in reducing emissions to the total emissions reduction achieved as part of the conference. Share and encourage your colleagues to #TravelWithCANIE for their next event!

    Every person who commits to reducing the CO2 emitted helps us get closer to the target. Help us reduce the emissions, one tonne at a time!

    Travel Together

    Find colleagues to travel with - think of it as an extension of the conference!