Scott Blair

Traveler Testimonial | Consultant for International Education

Starting Point: Paris, France

Form of Travel: Nuclear-generated electrified high-speed French trains (to the French/Spanish border)

Hours of Travel (one-way): Between 9-12 hours

CO2 Emissions Cut (one-way): 71 kg

What will you do while traveling?: "Watch in awe and amazement the beauty of the passing countryside on planet Earth."

What are/were some of the challenges you're facing while organizing your trip, or that you might encounter during travel?: "Travel time and cost in Euros will increase but this is all relative. For the vast majority of Homo sapiens who have lived on Planet Earth since the beginning of the Holocene, the only way to get to Barcelona from Paris was by walking. And when walking 8 hours a day, it takes about 26 days to make the trip. So, who's to complain that the train takes 6h40 minutes while the plane takes only 3h10 minutes! As for cost in Euros, planes are cheap because 'market regulations' don't factor in external costs such as the value of preserving an Earth habitat and climate that allows for the flourishing of life on Earth as we know and love it. It's not because we can do something that we should."