Margherita Pasquini

Traveler Testimonial | Study Abroad Coordinator @ Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Starting Point: Florence, Italy

Form of Travel: Train

Hours of Travel (one-way): 22 hours

CO2 Emissions Cut (one-way): 148 kg

What will you do while traveling? "A lot of work can be done during such a long journey! But I will also indulge myself with my New York Times podcasts (The Ezra Klein Show is my favorite ever!), and my go-to TV series (if you download them in advance you don't even need wi-fi). And some sleep as well, I hope."

What are/were some of the challenges you're facing while organizing your trip, or that you might encounter during travel?: "Time is a challenge. However, working from a train is really comfortable and easy and I can be as productive as I would be at home or in the office. You can really call this smart working!"