Turning Brokenness into Footstool for Success...Helping men and women start a  new life and be in a level where they never thought they'd be!

Welcome to "Canie 's"  site where  lives are being changed, hope is made certain, & success is made achievable..." 

Canie, a published author, songwriter, and a  speaker, is involve in carrying out the  equipping and training of others in understanding and living the Word of God without compromise.  She is engaged in speaking, musical, and Bible training  events. Canie share her life's testimony of miracles experienced and of those whom she met during her journey in brokenness, and how she became something from nothing after losing everything. She now wants to be a vessel to influence the whole world by showing everyone that there is a hope that is certain and  and to dream, have visions and become that which you thought  you .  could have never accomplished.  Find out what you need to do to experience the supernatural od.  FOR BOOKING or further inquiry, please write canie.ministry@gmail.com or fill out the  contact for located in the "contact us" tab.


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These life changing music CD's are a compilation of songs inspired by true life experience of miracles, healing, hope, and how God revealed Himself in various circumstances and makes a nobody to become somebody.  Listen and know what God wants you "to do" and "to be" for your prayers to be answered!  Know how to turn your failures and brokenness for success and victory! 
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Inspiring, encouraging, and a life changing compilation of songs that will help anyone discover who they are and what is out there and at the end, know for sure the supernatural power that anyone can experience and what it takes for prayers to be answered.  Final message of the songs as a whole: "Persistense in faith moves God's power to rebuild and to make someone from nothing. He is an investment that does not need any money down and a medicine that does not have a side effect!" 

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