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Started by Dr. Peter Kalmus in 2017... to raise the public’s sense of climate urgency in order to accelerate large-scale political action and so that those who fly less would have a place to share their stories, and in so doing realize they weren’t alone in their climate urgency. Peter Kalmus is a climate scientist and author who doesn’t like burning fossil fuel, and so tries to minimize his use of the stuff. He runs this site as a public service. He is generously assisted by two other climate-concerned volunteers, Jonathan Bailey from THRIVE and site administrator Paula Swiatkowski, a science and sustainability communicator in Northern California’s Bay Area.


The business of international education requires a lot of flying; students, staff, and faculty for short and long term trips and conferences. Some practitioners have expressed the struggle of reconciling their feelings about flying being built into the business model of international education. This resource provides practitioners a place to hear from others who might share a similar perspective and allow for easier conversations with colleagues.

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