University of Tasmania

Signatory Date: Jun 30, 2022
Region: Tasmania, Australia, 7005
Address: 2 Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay, Hobart

General Information

Organization Type: Institution
Specific Department Signing: Sustainability
Organization/Department URL:
Link to Organizational Sustainability Plan:

CANIE Accord Commitments

Basic - 7/7

Better - 2/3

Best - 2/4
Basic - 7/9

Better - 2/5

Best - 1/1
Basic - 4/4

Better - 6/7
Basic - 7/7

Better - 8/9
Basic - 5/5

Better - 8/8


Through academic and operational excellence, we make our home, and the world, a better place. We study and help preserve some of the last great wilderness on our planet. From our island shores, our research extends to the great Southern Ocean and Antarctica. We lead in medical, agricultural, social and environmental research. Our small setting allows us to test big ideas, leading to greater outcomes for the world. Our students become part of a welcoming, collaborative community.