Dickinson College

Signatory Date: Sep 09, 2022
Region: PA, United States of America, 17013
Address: PO Box 1773, Carlisle

General Information

Organization Type: Institution
Organization/Department URL: www.dickinson.edu/sustainability
Link to Organizational Sustainability Plan: https://www.dickinson.edu/homepage/599/climate_action

CANIE Accord Commitments

Basic - 5/7

Better - 1/3

Best - 1/4
Basic - 8/9

Better - 4/5
Basic - 4/4

Better - 6/7
Basic - 7/7

Better - 5/9
Basic - 4/5

Better - 6/8


Dickinson is a highly selective, private liberal-arts college that provides a useful, innovative and interdisciplinary education to prepare students to lead rich and fulfilling lives of engaged global citizenship. At Dickinson, we pair our efforts and commitments to sustainability and climate action with global education and civic learning, and are a national leader in all of these areas. As a carbon neutral institution, we remain committed to advancing climate action.