Big Pond Education

Signatory Date: Apr 27, 2022
Region: Dublin, Ireland, D07 PC95
Address: Highfield House, Marne Villas, Dublin 7, Dublin

General Information

Organization Type: Service Provider
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CANIE Accord Commitments

Basic - 7/7

Better - 3/3
Basic - 7/9

Better - 2/5

Best - 1/1
Basic - 3/4
Basic - 6/7

Better - 4/9
Basic - 5/5

Better - 4/8


Big Pond Education is a Dublin-based international education provider that specialises in first year pathway and customised programmes for U.S. university students. Our programmes offer enrolment solutions for universities, life changing opportunities for students and long lasting social and economic benefits for our host communities. Big Pond is committed to the advancement of environmental, economic and social justice through education abroad.