You can view the sessions from the CANIE Climate Action Summit (Europe) on the CANIE YouTube channel.

May 2020: Inaugural Summit
The number of globally mobile students is growing each year (more than 5 million students in higher education alone). The CO₂-e emissions associated with this mobility are estimated at 14-39 megatons per year and students around the world are increasingly keen to make more sustainable study choices. The purpose of this Summit was to explore what these developments mean for international education and to build the capacity of practitioners in the sector to respond to the climate challenge.

We explored the implications for policy, business models and operations, and showcase initiatives by institutions and educators around the world. We looked at opportunities to reduce emissions from international operations, to incorporate climate action into strategy and to build climate literacy among students and staff. The aim was that this summit will spark a larger conversation and become the first step on the journey to harnessing our sector’s reach, influence and purchasing power to make the business of international education more sustainable and to respond more effectively to the defining challenge of our time.

Session 1: Australasia

Session 2: Americas