CANIE Accord Launch Event (Session 2)

Session 2 - April 21, 2022 at 7:00 AM UTC
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As part of the CANIE COP 26 Climate Action Week in November 2021, leaders from across the international education sector joined together for the first time to collectively commit to take action in response to the climate crisis.

We are pleased to announce the CANIE Accord, a framework to support the international education sector - be it institutions, organizations, and associations - with a clear set of commitments to choose from and commit to as we work to advance bold climate action in the sector. You'll hear about the accord, some stories from early signatories about how to sign on, and best practices for moving this forward in your organization. We invite you to join us at the launch to find out more!

Language: This event will be conducted in English


April 21, 2022


7:00 AM UTC/12:00 AM PDT/9:00 AM CET/5:00 PM AEST

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Session 2

The launch will provide you with an update on progress since the Leaders Forum, introduce the CANIE Accord and will be open for anyone in the international education sector to attend. The program (while subject to change) will include:

  • The journey so far
  • An overview of Principles and Articles in the CANIE Accord
  • Examples from signatories - a chance to discuss challenges & opportunities
  • How to sign
  • What happens next?