Professor Frauke Urban

Job title: Professor in the Management of Sustainable Energy Systems
Organization: Royal Institute of Technology KTH
Location: Sweden

Dr Frauke Urban is an Environmental Scientist with 20 years’ experience in research,

teaching and policy advice in the fields of climate change mitigation, climate policy,

energy policy, energy transitions, energy justice, industrial and transport

decarbonisation, innovation and sustainable development. She is Associate

Professor in the management of sustainable energy systems at the Department for

Industrial Economics and Management at the Royal Institute of Technology KTH in

Sweden. She has published in the journals Applied Energy, Climatic Change,

Ecological Economics, Energy for Sustainable Development, Energy Policy, Energy

Research & Social Science, Environment, Development and Sustainability,

Sustainable Development, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, World

Development etc. Dr. Frauke Urban has been the Principal Investigator for several

large research projects, including a project on sustainable energy transitions for the

aviation industry (funded by the Swedish Energy Agency) and a project on large

hydropower dam-building (funded by the UK Economics and Social Research

Council ESRC). She was previously Reader in environment and development at

SOAS University of London, UK, Research Fellow in climate change and

development at the Institute of Development Studies IDS, University of Sussex, UK,

and Research Fellow in energy, environment and development at the University of

Groningen, the Netherlands.