Noreen Lucey

Job title: Managing Director
Organization: Haddington International Education (HIE)
Location: Ireland

Dia Dhuit! Based in rural Ireland, I have been working as an international education consultant, and running my own business, for over 15 years. When I am not online I can be found on the family farm practising regenerative agriculture and marvelling at the miracle of soil! During the great pause that was the pandemic, I went back to college and graduated from University College Cork with a Higher Diploma in Sustainability in Enterprise and I also completed a Postgraduate in Sustainability in Leadership at TU Dublin. And for good balance, I also work part time as a sustainability consultant within the arts and culture sector in Ireland.

My daily goal is to live each day more sustainably and regeneratively than the last and I hope to help the universities and colleges I work with to do the same. In 20 years time when my son is 25 I hope I can say to him, we did it, we found the courage to change how we lived and worked, and averted a catastrophic climate and nature crisis.