Associate Professor Vinod Sasidhara

Organization: San Diego State University
Location: USA

Dr. Vinod Sasidharan is an Associate Professor of Sustainable Tourism Management at San Diego State University (SDSU). He currently serves as the Director of Transborder and Regional Faculty Engagement for SDSU’s International Affairs and has previously served as Director of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Office of Faculty Advancement and Student Success. He has made extensive professional contributions to interdisciplinary global education at SDSU, which exemplify his solid commitment to curriculum internationalization through sustained, long-term, and intentional global partnerships. His teaching and scholarship are grounded in the pedagogy of faculty-and-student-driven international participatory action research in Sustainable Development, integrating transborder and global engagement and collaboration and resulting in the enhancement of global civic engagement and citizenship outcomes and capacities for students and faculty alike. For over the past 20 years, he has actively advanced professional engagement in interdisciplinary, sustainable development-related global education at SDSU, working collaboratively with faculty members/scholars, students, practitioners/scientists, non-profit community partners, and university- and college-level administrative leaders/units.